November 17, 2016

How to prevent and manage litigation in the best way? Khalid El Wardi, Secretary General of the Tourism and Travel Mediation (MTV) who led a workshop on the subject at the Travel Business Congress, returns for on several points of vigilance to avoid and respond to any complaints from customers. Interview on

March 17, 2016

As part of the World Tourism Fair, Jean-Pierre TEYSSIER, the Mediator of Tourism and Travel presented today his report and the results of the year 2015. 1- Always more members and a European recognition. Recalling that since January 1, 2016, the use of sectoral mediation had become mandatory, Jean-Pierre TEYSSIER welcomed the choice of major players in tourism and travel-related services to join the Tourism Mediation and Travel (MTV) broadening its field of competences and guaranteeing a real sectorial recognition. After Armateurs de France, the Union of Public Transport and Railways (UTPF) and the National Federation of Passenger Transport (FNTV) in 2015, it is the Union of French Airports (UAF), the Union of Trades and Hospitality Industries (UMIH), the National Union of Tourism and Outdoor Associations (UNAT), the National Union of Leisure, Attractions and Cultural Spaces (SNELAC), the Casinos de France and the Groupement des Skydiving Professional Operators (PPIM) who joined the MTV in early 2016 and joined the first founding members. For René-Marc CHIKLI, President of the MTV Association, present at the press conference “this seriousness and this competence, allowed our Sector Mediation to be among the first to be evaluated and notified in early 2016 to the European Commission by the new CECMC * “. 2- Better visibility and an obligation of information to the consumer The arrival of new members and a better visibility of the system, thanks to the promotion actions of public authorities, consumer associations and the media mechanically led to an increase in the number of mediation requests by 20% in 2015 compared to 2014. This approach to promote the device to consumers is also mandatory for professionals since January 1, 2016. 3- More and more follow the recommendations – an acceptance rate of the mediator’s decisions increases. With a high acceptance rate of its mediation decisions (from 89.66% in 2014 to 92.24% in 2015), the Mediator Jean-Pierre TEYSSIER specified that he saw in the generalization of mediation ” its recognition as a tool of pacification and social appeasement, more and more used by professionals and consumers. It is fortunate that the tourism, travel and transport sector can benefit from this procedure, at the forefront of a modern society. ” 4- The Tourism and Travel Mediation in a few figures for 2015 Field of expertise of the Tourism and Travel Mediation: air transport, urban and road transport, maritime transport, accommodation, airport management, travel and tourism, catering and leisure. In 2015, MTV received 2705 mediation requests. 900 files were non-admissible (mainly for referrals concerning non-adhering professionals or referral procedures not respected by the applicant). 1805 files were opened and processed, with 1449 opinions delivered and 339 resolutions of disputes before notice. The files were spread by dry flights (53.53%), packages (43.89%), dry accommodation (1.72%), dry-air transport (0.45%), car rental (0.33%). ) and airport management (0.08%). * Commission of Evaluation and Control of Consumer Mediation

January, 2016

Signing the protocol of confluence by Charter of Tourism and Travel Mediation with Mr. Roland HEGUY, President Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry (UMIH) and Mr. Jacques BARRÉ President National Group of Hotel Chains (CNG).

January, 2016

As part of the European directive requiring professionals to offer their consumer customers a mediator to settle alternative dispute resolutions, the Union of French Airports (UAF) has joined the Mediation of Tourism and Travel (MTV) . The UAF and its members, French airports, welcome this approach which gives an additional possibility of peaceful settlement of a dispute. This professional association brings together 137 members who operate nearly 162 airports in mainland France and overseas, ie all French commercial traffic. It operates mainly in two areas of activity: airport operations and the development of air transport. Source: The Daily of Tourism

October 02, 2015

In the presence of René-Marc CHIKLI, President of SETO and President of the MTV Association, Jean-Pierre TEYSSIER, the Mediator and Khalid EL WARDI, the new Secretary General, presented today, with the testimony of Bernard CIEUTAT, Ombudsman SNCF and Patricia FOUCHER of the INC; the consequences for the tourism sector of the new ordinance n ° 2015-1033 of August 20, 2015, relating to the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes. 1. The consequences for tourism professionals They will have to guarantee to the consumers, the possibility of effective recourse to a device of mediation and to expressly communicate the coordinates, in their commercial documents and, if necessary, on the last mail sent, within the framework of the treatment of a claim. Regarding the choice of the competent Ombudsman, the ordinance provides that where there is a sectoral mediator, as is the case in tourism and travel, the trader must always allow the consumer to use it. Sanctions: Any breach of these obligations by the professional, is punishable by an administrative fine, which can go up to 3 000 € for a natural person and 15 000 € for a legal person. 2. The Tourism and Travel Mediation For professionals subject to these new obligations, MTV offers a well-tested, long-lasting and efficient system, which already meets all the substantive provisions of the ordinance. Moreover, in the coming weeks, and in order to meet the formal obligations of the ordinance, and to facilitate the procedure to the consumers, the MTV will update and supplement the information brought to their attention on its website and open the possibility of referral and sending mediation requests electronically (while maintaining the possibility of file transmission by post). Finally, in view of this generalization of Mediation, MTV will strive to extend its scope of competence to all companies in the sector, which do not already have a Mediator.



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