Who can apply?

A consumer directly or through a duly mandated representative (consumer association, legal protection …)
NB: A group referral introduced by a consumer must be accompanied by a mandate / power of the other participants.

For which dispute?

Any contractual dispute relating to the performance of a property or service for a member of the MTV, in particular for:



Bus (long distance).

Public transport (bus, tramway, subway ...) - in urban areas, with the exception of disputes falling within the field of competence of the Mediators SNCF and RATP).

A tourist package (combination of at least 2 services, including transport and / or accommodation).

Disputes concerning the airport management.

Disputes concerning accommodation and / or catering.

Disputes concerning the performance of a leisure and tourism service.

Causes of inadmissibility

A dispute can not be reviewed by the consumer’s mediator when:

The consumer does not justify condition that he has not tried beforehand to resolve his dispute directly with a professional by a written complaint

The request is obviously baseless or abusive

The dispute was previously reviewed or is under review by another mediator or a court

The consumer has sent his request to the mediator within more than one year from his written complaint to the professional

The dispute is not in his field of competence

The members of the MTV

The mediator intervenes in disputes concerning a member of one of the
To find out if the operator with whom you are in dispute is a member of one of the signatory organizations of the Mediation Charter, please refer to their membership files



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