Warning: Pay attention to the officines that present themselves as mediators and charge a large fee.

Tourism mediation concerns disputes relating to air transport services, urban and road transport, maritime transport, accommodation, airport management, travel and tourism, catering and leisure. In short, any service purchased from a professional associate of a company that is a member of one of the signatory organizations of the Mediation Charter.
When all internal ways of legal protection were exhausted or a professional was already involved. Mediation can only be a second line. In addition, a recourse to the mediator can be made within one year from the first complaint made to the professional.

If the consumer can actually prove that he has asked the professional, he can consider that in the absence of response the file is actually admissible.

An acknowledgment of receipt will be obviously sent as soon as possible by the mediator and then the charter of the mediation of tourism and travel provides that the mediator must give an opinion within 90 days. This is the term that is practiced by most mediators.

The question of acceptance of the mediation will be asked to the company.

If the company is affiliated with one of the MTV member organizations(for example: Air France, which is a member of FNAM) mediation will be carried out under the conditions described above regardless of the distribution chanell



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